About Us

We are a team who provide design solutions which are fully engineered and aim to deliver peace of mind because we do what we say and always exceed our clients expectations.

Maxmep Consultants is of Electrical Mechanical & IT firm with more than 16 years experienced personal. It is a leading firm in the field of Green Building Design and is capable of meeting the advanced technological requirements of the 21st century. On the foundation of the experience and expertise of its qualified staff, Maxmep Consultants has effectively established an organization capable of meeting these requirements. This has been achieved through continuous efforts to ensure the cost-effective consolidation of existing resources and talent, the broadening of in-house expertise as well as major investments in up to date computer technologies.

So why are we so different from other MEP engineering consultancies?

  • We have talented engineers
  • Deliver a fully integrated facility mechanical, electrical and process and utility equipment
  • Quality, speed, cost effectiveness and “agility in design”
  • A highly commercial approach to asset maximisation
  • Deliver innovative design solutions
  • Energy efficient design methodologies utilised from day one